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Berkshire Cleanroom Products 1 (สินค้าห้องคลีนรูม)

Berkshire Cleanroom Products 1


Minimise Contamination

Berkshire wiper are engineered for use in the most critical cleanroom application. It is industries, including, Automobile, Electronic Parts Assembly, Hard Disk Drive, Flat Panel Display, Semiconductor, PCBA, Pharmaceutical, and Biomedical Device manufacturing.

Berkshire quality wiper provide good economic value as well as helping customers to improve production yields.

Knitted Polyester Series

The SuperPolx products are 100% continuous filament filament knitted polyester and cleanroom laudered wiper. It comes with sealed edges and the non- sealed edges versions. These knitted polyester wipers exhibits low particulates and provide and provide excellent absorbency with strong chemical resistance.

SuperPolx 1200A, SuperPolx Sw ,SuperPolx LW – Dry Wiper –Non Sealed Edges

Available in different knitted polyester materials for general wiping of critical areas. Economical to ues for many industries. USB 2.0, Megapixel High Resolution Camera


  • Processeds and Packaged in an ISO Class 4 (Class 10) Cleanroom
  • Strong, tear and abrasion resistance
  • High absorbency and lower in particles
  • Works well with IPA, acetone and other solvents
  • Double & Vacuum packed with lot tracing on each pack for assurance