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Dr. Storage Dry Cabinet (ตู้ควบคุมความชื้น) 1


Dry Cabinet 20~50% (±3%RH)
Features :
  • A20B provides flexible setting range 20~50%RH.
  • Gray window frame. It is allow the user to put Bins(optional) for classification and archiving.
  • The RS-232 interface allows users to connect the Dual Sensor Data Logger GT02(Optional) for acquiring
  • the humidity and temperature data of cabinet interior and ambient environment.
  • When the sensor runs over 365 days, the Calibration Reminding System(CRS) will remind the user.
  • Built-in Flash and Buzzer Alarm will alert the user when the humidity or temperature is higher than the upper limitation.
  • ESD safe design: ESD painted cabinet body. 
Application :
  • A20B type is designed to protect the electronic gadgets and valuable collections from moisture damage. 

Functinon of Bins:
1.Classification: Different doors can be classified by project, work sheet, order, client,
2.Retrieving: Small components are stored in bins inside the parts can be retrieved quickly
 to avoid opening the doors frequently.
3.Archiving: ISO documents such as work sheet , order, memo or quality instructions etc.
 can be put in bins outside the door for better QA management.